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About EMSL

The User Executive Committee (UEC) was chartered to represent the needs and views of the users to the EMSL Director. As such, it is composed of elected representatives who are, or recently were, users of the facility. The UEC has access to the user surveys, and uses these and input from the staff and administration of the facility to make recommendations. We would like to have more direct input. Please directly email the appropriate UEC member with any comments, concerns, desires, or visions you have relating to EMSL. For example, one of several issues raised in the recent user survey was, "what procedures would allow users to more efficiently use time spent on site?".

EMSL Executive Committee Meetings

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Although the committee meets once a year, your comments are welcome at any time. A short email sent at the moment of inspiration (or perspiration) will probably be more useful than comments made based on recollection.

The responsibilities of the User Executive Committee include the following:

Committee members are:

See the Committee Charter [pdf, 93kb] for more detail.