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Spectroscopy and Diffraction

EMSL's suite of spectroscopy and diffraction instruments allows users to study solid-, liquid-, and gas-phase sample structure and composition with remarkable resolution. Ideal for integrated studies, spectrometers and diffractometers are easily coupled with EMSL's computational and modeling capabilities, allowing users to apply a multifaceted research approach for experimental data interpretation and gain fundamental understanding of scientific problems. At EMSL, spectroscopy and diffraction instruments are used to study samples with a variety of applications.

Capability Detail

For a full listing, refer to the "Capabilities" table that links to detailed information about each of EMSL's spectroscopy and diffraction instruments, as well as the appropriate contact(s). Brief details about some primary spectroscopy and diffraction tools available to EMSL users include:

  1. Uncertainty analysis of multi-rate kinetics of uranium desorption from sediments.
  2. Ionic strength dependence of the oxidation of SO2 by H2O2 in sodium chloride particles.
  3. A Unified Multi-Scale Model for Pore-Scale Flow Simulations in Soils.
  4. Characterization and modeling of the cemented sediment surrounding the Iulia Felix glass.
  5. Performance of the Fluidized Bed Steam Reforming Product Under Hydraulically Unsaturated Conditions.
  1. New hybrid anode design to improve long-term performance of batteries (Anode performance)
  2. Targeted strategies improve efficacy of enzymes to convert biomass to biofuels (Enzyme evaluation)
  3. Iron-bearing minerals in sediments naturally reduce contaminant levels (Lack of iron)
  4. EMSL advancements open new possibilities for characterizing nanoparticle interactions (The hidden ties that bind)
  5. Examining the core components of Arctic clouds to clear up their influence on climate (Forecast calls for better models)

Spectroscopy and Diffraction Capabilities Available at EMSL

Instrument Contact
Atmospheric Pressure Reactor System Tonkyn, Russell
Catalysis: UHV Model Catalysts, High Pressure Szanyi, Janos
Electron and Photon Stimulated Desorption (BES 2) Kimmel, Greg
Electron Spectrometer: HREELS, UHV Surface Chemistry Henderson, Mike
Electron Spectrometer: Scanning Multiprobe Surface Analysis System - Versaprobe Engelhard, Mark
Flynn,Brendan T
Nandasiri,Manjula I
Electron Spectrometer: Scanning XPS Microprobe, High Resolution (Quantera) Engelhard, Mark
Electron Spectrometer: XPS Imaging Engelhard, Mark
Nandasiri,Manjula I
Electron Spectrometer: XPS with Laser Interface Joly, Alan G
Electron Spectrometer: XPS, High Sensitivity (for radiological samples) Engelhard, Mark
Energetic Processes (Surfaces/Solids) Instrumentation w/Lasers Hess, Wayne P
Joly, Alan G
Mass Spectrometer: Time of Flight Secondary Ion (ToF SIMS) - 2007 Zhu, Zihua
Microscope: Helium Ion Jiang, Weilin
Lea, Scott
Shutthanandan, Shuttha
Molecular Beam Kinetics Smith, Scott
Photoelectron Spectroscopy: Low Temperature Joly, Alan G
Spectrometer: Fluorimeter Wang, Zheming
Spectrometer: Atom Probe Devaraj, Arun
Perea, Daniel
Spectrometer: Circular Dichroism Hoyt, David
Isern, Nancy
Spectrometer: Fluorescence, Cryogenic Wang, Zheming
Spectrometer: Fluorescence, Picosecond Joly, Alan G
Spectrometer: FTIR - standard Johnson, Tim
Spectrometer: High Spatial Resolution Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (NanoSIMS) Zhu, Zihua
Spectrometer: Mossbauer Kukkadapu, Ravi
Spectrometer: Raman/Epifluorescence, Inverted Confocal Bowden, Mark
Hess, Nancy J.
Vasdekis,Andreas E
Spectrometer: Stopped-Flow, Absorbance, BioLOGIC SFM-400 Wang, Zheming
Spectrometer: Sum Frequency/Second Harmonic Generation, Femto-Picosecond, High Resolution, Ultrafast Dynamics Thevuthasan, Theva
Wang, Hongfei
Spectrometer: Sum Frequency/Second Harmonic Generation, Picosecond, Surface Spectroscopy Thevuthasan, Theva
Wang, Hongfei
Spectroscopy: Fluorescence, Time-resolved Wang, Zheming
Transient Kinetic Analysis (TKA) Szanyi, Janos
X-ray Computed Tomography Bowden, Mark
Varga, Tamas
X-ray Diffraction: Four-Circle Bowden, Mark
Varga, Tamas
X-ray Diffraction: General Purpose Bowden, Mark
Varga, Tamas
X-ray Diffraction: Microbeam Bowden, Mark
Varga, Tamas
X-ray Diffraction: Special Applications Bowden, Mark
Varga, Tamas
Spectroscopy and Diffraction Capability Lead (Electron and Ion/Molecular Beam): Theva Thevuthasan | , 509-371-6244
Spectroscopy and Diffraction Capability Lead (Mössbauer, Optical, and X-ray Diffractometer): Mark Bowden | , 509-371-7816