Office of Science

Ion Accelerator, Beam Lines, and End Stations

  1. Assigning Oxidation States to Organic Compounds via Predictions from X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy: A Discussion of Approaches and Recommended Improvements.
  2. Defect Structure of Epitaxial CrxV1 − x Thin Films on MgO(001).
  3. Long-term Kinetics of Uranyl Desorption from Sediments Under Advective Conditions.
  4. Cold Crucible Induction Melter Studies for Making Glass Ceramic Waste Forms: A Feasibility Assessment.
  5. Thermodynamic and Kinetic Properties of Intrinsic Defects and Mg Transmutants in 3C-SiC Determined by Density Functional Theory.
  1. Predictive models of environmental reaction kinetics made more accurate, scalable (Scaled up)
  2. Scientists gain first quantitative insights into electron transfer from minerals to microbes (Tunable transfer)
  3. EMSL’s Chinook provides a new angle for validating pore-scale flow simulations (Go with the flow)
  4. Nanoclusters in steel add strength, stability under irradiated conditions (A steel trap)
  5. Novel method yields highly reactive, highly hydroxylated TiO2 surface (Water, Sun, Energy)