Accounting and Allocation Manager


   Gold is an open source accounting system that tracks resource usage on High Performance Computers. It acts much like a bank in which accounts are established in order to pre-allocate which users and projects can use resources on which machines and over which timeframes. Gold supports familiar operations such as deposits, withdrawals, transfers and refunds. It provides balance and usage feedback to users, managers, and system administrators.

   Gold can be used as a real-time debiting system in which jobs are charged at the moment of completion. When used in a multi-site (grid) environment, Gold facilitates trust by allowing lending organizations to manage what the costing rules are for usage of their resources and job submitters to determine how much their job is going to cost them before they start, ensuring all parties can agree to the transaction and giving each party a first-hand accounting record.

   Gold is being developed at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) as part of the Department of Energy (DOE) Scalable Systems Software Project (SSS).


  Rations resources to projects and users
  Supports real-time resource charging
  Maintains historical usage records
  Empowers staff and saves time
  Facilitates capacity planning
  Enables grid computing
  Highly customizable and flexible
  Emphasizes scalability, security and maintainability


   Gold is currently in beta release. It is fully functional for use within a single organization, though some of its grid-related features are still in development. An new alpha web GUI is included in this release. The User's Guide has been expanded to include chapters on Installation, Roles, Passwords and general use of the gold control program (goldsh). A new FAQ-O-MATIC has been created to answer frequently asked questions and a bug/support queue is being manned on a best-effort basis.


   Q1 2004: First Gold alpha released (based on Java).
   Q3 2004: Second Gold alpha released (based on Perl).
   Q4 2004: Gold beta released (includes alpha GUI).
   Q2 2005: Gold scheduled for general release.


   General Release gold-

    with fixes for directory service registration gold-

   Revision History CHANGES


   Gold User's Guide pdf html

   SC04 Presentation Powerpoint

   See also the SSS Documentation Page at


   Here are some screenshots of the Gold web-based GUI. The GUI is still in alpha.


   Frequently Asked Questions

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For More Information:

   Contact Gary Skouson at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

   See also the SSS Gold Home Page at
   and the SSS Resource Management Home Page at