User Executive Committee

The User Executive Committee (UEC) was chartered to represent the needs and views of the users to the EMSL Director. As such, it is composed of elected representatives who are, or recently were, users of the facility. The UEC consults EMSL user surveys and uses these and input from the staff and administration of the facility to make recommendations.

The UEC requests that users communicate any suggestions, comments, concerns or ideas about EMSL and its operations or science to committee members. Comments are welcome at any time.

The UEC’s responsibilities include:

  • Provide a clear channel for the exchange of information and advice between EMSL users and management
  • Provide a formal vehicle for EMSL users to transmit concerns and recommendations to the EMSL Director
  • Design and oversee the EMSL User Meetings
  • Provide advice and recommendations to the EMSL Director on how to facilitate the effective use of EMSL
  • Nominate active users for future membership to the committee.

Committee members include: