C, H, N, S Analyzer

The carbon analyzer is used to analyze total carbon (TC), inorganic carbon (IC), total organic carbon (TOC), purgeable organic carbon (POC), and non-purgeable organic carbon (NPOC) in solid or liquid samples.

The system comprises a Shimadzu TOC-5000A TOC analyzer, a Shimadzu ASI-5000A autosampler, and a Shimdazu SSM-5000A solid sample module. The TOC-5000A has ultralow sensitivity and measures from 4 ppb to 4000 ppm of total carbon and 4 ppb to 5000 ppm of inorganic carbon. This instrument meets the needs of ultrapure industries, research facilities, and high salt requirements of marine users. SSM-5000A Solid Sample Module details follow.

  • Analyte: TC, IC, TOC (= TC - IC)
  • Method: TC: Catalytically aided combustion oxidation at 900°C IC: Pre-acidification, oven temperature 250°C
  • Measuring range: TC: 0.1 mg to 30 mg carbon IC: 0.1 mg to 20 mg carbon

Sample Prep and Options

The laboratory that houses this instrument contains the necessary support items for sample preparation, including auto pipettes, a balance, nanopure water, and numerous calibration standards. All work with this instrument and within the associated laboratory must be performed in compliance with EMSL practices and permits.

Individuals may use this instrument independently for their research following the necessary training.


Instrument ID:
Availability: 10 hours a day, 5 days a week


Tom Wietsma (509) 371-6375 wietsma@pnnl.gov


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