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Allison A. Campbell, EMSL Director

Last month, EMSL proudly hung a collection of 36 flags end to end in celebration of Flag Day. This 50-foot span of colorful flags represented the nations our staff and users come from. This past quarter has certainly reflected this international character. On separate occasions, I visited the other side of the world—China and Russia, respectively—to visit with collaborators and to raise awareness for EMSL's user program.

In June, I spent some time with Ken Lopata, our first Wiley Distinguished Postdoc (who hails from Canada) to discuss his experiences here, and to take a look at some interesting electron dynamics visualizations he produced in his work with NWChem. You can watch this most recent EMSL iDirector Video on our YouTube channel. At the same time, we also hosted two scientists from Poland you'll read about in this issue.

At EMSL, we often refer to our uniqueness as a user facility by referring to the integration of a wide variety of scientific experts, tools, and techniques available "under one roof." We recognize that the "roofs" of many important research communities are located all over the world, and not everyone can visit EMSL. So we're seeking to expand remote use of our experimental and supercomputing capabilities, and to establish new infrastructures for users to collaborate and share data in large scientific teams. We look forward to covering these topics more in upcoming issues, and we hope our hallway will be even more colorful when Flag Day comes around a year from now.

- Allison


User Spotlight: The Details of Damage

EMSL, Poland scientists enhance radiation damage models

Iwona Jozwik-Biala and Bruce Arey, photo EMSL users Jacek Jagielski and Iwona Jozwik-Biala visited in October 2010 and May 2011 to get new experimental data to refine simulation code that predicts radiation damage in materials. During their second visit, they joined EMSL scientists Bruce Arey and Libor Kovarik to answer a few questions about their experiences at EMSL. Read the full story or watch the video [EMSL's YouTube channel].

A Catalyst for High-Impact Science

All-star catalysis team harvests first results from Recovery Act investments

A multi-institutional team of scientists is using EMSL's new Recovery Act-funded capabilities to achieve new insights into catalytic reactions on the surfaces of advanced metal oxide-based materials. The work is part of an inaugural EMSL Research Campaign that brings together world-leading capabilities and expertise in support of more efficient, less costly catalysts—a need with cross-cutting energy and industrial applications. Read the full story.




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In the Next Issue

EMSL's opening of the Quiet Wing this fall will be accompanied by a full feature story in Microscopy Today. EMSL will link to the digital edition in the Fall 2011 Molecular Bond.

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