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EMSL's Bowden Solves Century-old Puzzle

Structure of hydrogen storage molecule uncovered

Mark Bowden, EMSL Spectroscopy and Diffraction Capability Lead

When staff expertise is combined with leading-edge instruments and theory at EMSL, high-impact discoveries happen. This was the case recently, when an interdisciplinary team investigated DADB, a molecule that is helping scientists unlock new understanding for hydrogen storage and release. 

Mark Bowden, who serves as a lead scientist for EMSL's spectroscopy and diffraction capability, contributed a key "ah-ha moment" during the study's characterizations, which integrated EMSL's x-ray diffractometry and nuclear magnetic resonance instruments, as well as a neutron beam line at Los Alamos National Laboratory. 

“Mark Bowden solved the 100-year-old puzzle,” said Tom Autrey, a co-investigator from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. “He showed how the molecule’s structure was affected by the interactions with the neighboring molecules.”

Read the full story in R&D Magazine(Offsite link).

Released: February 22, 2011