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Grid generation is a fundamental part of any mesh-based computational physics problem. NWGrid/NWPhys integrates automated grid generation, time-dependent adaptivity, applied mathematics, and numerical analysis for hybrid grids on distributed parallel computing systems. This system transforms complex geometries into computable hybrid grids upon which computational physics problems can then be solved. NWGrid is used as the preprocessing grid generator for NWPhys, setting up the grid, applying boundary and initial conditions, and defining the run-time parameters for the NWPhys calculations. NWGrid provides the grid partitioning functions and the time-dependent grid generation functions for adaptive mesh refinement (AMR), reconnection, smoothing, and remapping. NWPhys moves the grid according to forcing functions in non-linear physics drivers and NWGrid fixes it up based on grid topology and grid quality measures. Extensions of NWPhys include incorporating new packages for fluid-solid interactions, computational electro-magnetics, particle transport, chemistry, and aerosol transport.

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