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EMSL Intramural Research & Capability Development Program

The EMSL Intramural Research and Capability Development Program facilitates development of new research tools and enables EMSL staff members to advance the important skills and expertise necessary to enhance the EMSL user program. These intramural projects are intended to increase the scientific visibility of EMSL staff in areas that promote the objectives of EMSL's three science themes— Biological Interactions and Dynamics, Geochemistry/Biogeochemistry and Subsurface Science, and Science of Interfacial Phenomena.

Technical outcomes of this program include journal publications, scientific presentations, new capabilities or capability enhancements, and expertise to augment EMSL user activities and foster development of innovative research projects.

Initiated in 2007, the EMSL Intramural Research and Capability Development Program has added between three to five new projects each year. Projects stemming from the program can last from one to three years.

The featured Intramural Project summaries provide status descriptions of active or completed projects funded via the EMSL Research and Capability Development proposal process.

EMSL Chief Scientist: Sherry Cady | , 509-375-3727